i'm a freelance london-based health, lifestyle and culture journalist, with a focus on women's sexual, reproductive, and mental health, plus the barriers black, asian, and other minority communities face when accessing healthcare and how government policy influences this.

abortion rights are a main focus of mine too, as well as race discourse. i also cover destinations, staycations and city breaks (preferably fast moving capitals or far flung locations that are hot all year round with an endless supply of mangoes).

formerly deputy editor at the femedic — a digital publication focused on breaking down women's health taboos — i talk and write about vulvas and vaginas a lot (i have an encyclopedic knowledge of yeast infections and vaginal pH levels and will absolutely enthusiastically share this knowledge unprovoked over coffee) — :).

'estrobolome' is my favourite word — it's the name given to the group of bacteria in your gut that metabolise oestrogen. 

i'm open to getting involved with projects and commissions to do with any of the above, so get at me if you think we'd be a good fit.

note: i'm unable to take on any unpaid work during this climate,

or ever.

r x

women's health, lifestyle + culture journalist

words @ the i, cosmopolitan, vice, the independent, metro, digital spy, the femedic, gal-dem, the resident + others

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